The mission of 100 Hispanic Women, Westchester Chapter is to lead Latinas towards excellence in leadership.

2017 Scholarship Winners – Dare to Dream!

2017 Scholarship Winners

Cynthia Paz

As a young girl, I always doubted that I was capable of achieving great things.  As I grew up, I realized that nothing can stop me!

I am proud to represent the Hispanic community and will continue to do so by furthering my education and reaching my goal of helping teenagers.  I am very honored to have received this scholarship.





Jennifer Madrid

Growing up in a predominantly underprivileged community and school district, I have been a witness to the lack of interest of pursuing higher educational endeavors. However, this has only motivated me more to becoming not just a successful person but a successful Hispanic woman.

As a young Hispanic woman with dreams to pursue a higher education, I will do all within my capacity to be the very best I can be. Thanks to God and to this generous scholarship, I will be able to reach the seemingly unreachable and achieve all my aspirations while ultimately giving back and representing my community.

Michelle Silva

My parents came to this country seeking a better life, this scholarship will help me financially to go to college and will lift some of the stress off my parents back.

I hope to one day to become a speech pathologist.  I realize I want to help others who have difficulty in speech and language, and help them master their communication skills.   I want to make a difference in the Hispanic community.

Jamiles Jimenez Jamiles Jimenez

I feel honored to receive the 100 Hispanic Women Scholarship.  I am planning on attending Queens College in the Fall of 2017.  I will major in computer science and in the future pursue a career that involves computer science and business.

I hope to inspire other girls to think about coding. This scholarship will help me during my studies and help me pay my tuition.