The mission of 100 Hispanic Women, Westchester Chapter is to lead Latinas towards excellence in leadership.

About Us

100 Hispanic Women is committed to serving Latinas throughout Westchester and surrounding areas.  Our goal is to foster enrichment opportunities for women and support young Latinas aspirations for higher education, while building bridges with members of our community.

We were founded in 1997 as a non-profit organization devoted to guiding Latinas towards excellence in leadership. Through the efforts of a group of volunteers and thanks to the support of our loyal sponsors, members, and friends we are committed to fostering tomorrow’s leaders.   Our events throughout the year offer women of all backgrounds opportunities for growth and development, and our scholarship program helps support first generation college-bound young Latinas start college life.

The Young Latinas Leadership Institute (YLLI) is our scholarship fund for college students in good standing and committed to public service. The Latina Leadership Forum is our signature annual event. The forum brings together women to network and listen to inspiring speakers, witness the presentation of scholarships, and visit with exhibitors. Other events include an evening of literature with contemporary Hispanic/Latina (o) authors and a toy drive and networking event to jump start the holiday season.

As documented by the United States Census Bureau, by 2012 the population of Hispanics has grown to 53 million.  Yet, only 13% of the Hispanic population 25 and older had attained a bachelor degree or higher in 2011.  The professional and educational growth opportunities in this country are tremendous. As part of our mission, we will continue to examine the many challenges and opportunities ahead of us, while reaching out and building bridges with members of our community. We are fueled by our vision to inspire and challenge Latinas and women of all backgrounds, to maximize their strengths and their potential, while becoming equal partners in an empowered world of equal opportunity with equal justice, recognition, respect and dignity.

Goals & Objectives


To ensure that Latinas, through networking and aggressive outreach, achieve leadership positions which influence public policy and shape an equitable and humane society.

To Provide a perspective and understanding of the complex challenges facing Hispanic communities, and to assist Latinas to meet and take advantage of those challenges.

To challenge Latinas to develop leadership qualities through education, training and mentoring.

To Continually broaden the perspective of Latinas, allowing them to grow and respond quickly to the changes and needs of the Hispanic community.

To embrace individuals and organizations who support Hispanics, their concerns, and to work together as equal partners.

To Understand the issues and concerns of Latinas and Hispanic communities, and to develop and promote diversity.

To advocate and implement programs and strategies in areas such as economic development, legislative action, education and health reform, thereby improving the quality of life and promoting the growth and involvement of Latinas.

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